Biography/About Us

1990 – 1994 Business administration studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany

1994 – 1999 Further studies of art history, archaeology and psychology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany

1999 Completed thesis to obtain a masters degree at the Ludwig Maximilian University with the title: “Mirroring of symbolism in the works of the Munich painters towards the end of the Nineteenth Century“

Since 1993 Gained practical experience in the art trade and auction business

1995 Opening of the Krausz Art Trading Company

Since 1998Showroom and exhibition space in the Trogerstrasse 23 of the Bogenhausen borough of Munich

Since 2004Participation in international art fairs and exhibitions: Ars Nobilis in Berlin, Antique & Kunstmesse (Antiques and Art Fair) in Düsseldorf, Cologne Fine Art as well as the Kunst-Messe München (Art Fair) in Munich

2005 Start of the joint art trading activity of Ron & Nora Krausz also doubling up as a happy

2012 Eröffnung der neuen Galerieräume in München-Bogenhausen